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The Au Pair and Nanny's Guide
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Au Pair or nanny

There are principally two possibilities in hiring someone to look after your children:

Au Pair
Au Pair
  • You can employ an au-pair, who lives with you and shares the life of your family. An au-pair does not receive a salary, but pocket money. She is always a foreigner and her position is defined – as far as Europe is concerned – in the "European Agreement on Au-Pairs" by the European Council. Although the agreement has not been ratified by all EU-countries, everybody concerned abides by its rules. It requires, for example, that au-pairs have the opportunity to attend language lessons. Many European countries grant certain facilities in obtaining the visa and work permit to girls from non-EU countries under the presumption that a cultural exchange be guaranteed and that the language of the host country can be learnt.

  • You can hire a nanny who will be in most cases a girl from your country. Nannies are professionals with an educational background and training in kindergardens, teaching, nursing, childcare, hospitals social work and similar. Often they have had work experience before. They will only care for household chores related to the children. Alternatively, also qualified young women from abroad are permitted to work in numerous countries.
    Often a nanny will not live with your family, but have her own apartment. Obviously her employment falls under the general rules of work and social security in your country. She will receive a normal salary.
    Nannies are well known in the English speaking world, especially in Great Britain, New Zealand, Australia and the USA. In Britain, for example, a nanny is a qualified nursery nurse responsible for the day-to-day care of young children. Recognised qualifications are awarded by the Council for Awards in Children's Care and Education (CACHE) at over 200 local authority colleges and some private institutions.
    If you wish to employ a nanny from abroad, regulations concerning a visa and work permit have to be observed. Our agencies will advise you.

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